Web3.0 de-neutralized transaction
aggregation platform

Why choose BITBEST?

BITBEST is an aggregation platform that includes decentralized transactions in the WEB3.0 field. It provides crypto users with a decentralized leverage contract trading platform and also provides lending and borrowing services. We have integrated many decentralized financial services such as financial management, loan matching, futures contracts, AMIM, LP, etc., so that the price and interest rates, mortgage lending, order matching, etc. related to DeFi projects are all realized by smart contracts.
While participants enjoy a permissionless and efficient service experience, BITBEST also provides a more transparent, safer and fairer DeFi trading environment, creating asset value-added for users to combat real-world asset inflation.

  • Invest

  • Loan

  • Contract

  • AMM

  • LP Pool

Company qualifications

Qualifications are safe and trustworthy



Multi-chain wallet & Decentralized
exchange & underlying public chain

  • Multi-chain wallet

    Provides the ability to securely store and manage cryptocurrencies. Unlike traditional centralized wallets, decentralized wallets do not rely on centralized institutions. Users have their own private keys and have full control over their assets.

    Financial value-added
    Cryptocurrency trading
    Lightning exchange
    Mortgage loan
    Market tracking
  • Decentralized exchange

    Allows users to trade assets in a decentralized environment without trusting centralized exchanges. The exchange and settlement of assets is realized through smart contracts, ensuring the transparency and security of transactions, with a high degree of decentralization, high transaction efficiency, and the security of user assets.


    Amount of users

    Platform registration reached 2 million+


    Trading depth

    The average daily transaction volume exceeds 10 billion, and the market throughput is large, solving the problem of seed users


    Fund volume

    The platform’s retained funds exceed 500 million The volume is still increasing

  • Underlying public chain

    Provide developers with blockchain solutions with high performance, high scalability and high security.

    High performance
    High scalability
    High security
    Developer friendly

BITBEST contract smart lending

Smart lending module starts your wealth journey

  • Liquidity

    Design reasonable mechanisms to balance the supply and demand of liquidity, such as dynamically adjusting interest rates, providing liquidity mining rewards, achieving cross-chain interoperability, etc.;

  • Safety

    Conduct strict code audits, security testing and risk management, and establish emergency mechanisms and governance models to ensure the safety of users’ funds;

  • Scalability

    Use more efficient and low-cost blockchain solutions, such as layered extensions, side chains, cross-chain bridging, etc.;

  • Compliance

    Communicate and coordinate with relevant regulatory agencies and stakeholders, comply with applicable laws and regulations, and ensure compliance and social responsibility.


Continue to focus on decentralized transactions

BITBEST Global Tour Summit—Phu Quoc Island-Quick clip
2023-12-27 19:34:00
BITBEST Global Tour Summit—Dubai
2023-08-01 00:00:00
BITBEST Global Tour Summit—Bali
2023-12-16 17:24:01

BITBEST download

BITBEST is your one-stop solution for managing all your digital assets on one platform. From stablecoins like USDT to BITBEST’s official BST token, You can manage it all on our app.

Market information

List of High Market Value Assets

  • BTC



  • ETH



  • BNB

    Binance Coin


  • XRP



  • ADA




Supported public chains

Ethereum chain / Cosmos chain / other chains

BITBEST is widely providing blockchain operating environment services to developers around the world. As a global blockchain infrastructure, BITBEST adapts and supports public chain technologies such as BTC, ETH, Polygon, Avalanche, BSC, Solana, Algorand, Tezos, Neo, Polkadot, Cardano, Tron, and EOS, and will gradually support it in the future. More public chain nodes.

Development Plan Roadmap

Learn more about BITBEST’s future endeavors

  • Q1 2024

    Centralized exchange upgrade: Increase the average transaction speed to 5,000 transactions per second, and introduce real-time charts and multi-functional trading labels to enhance user experience.
    Cryptocurrency expansion: Add at least 10 new digital assets, expand the trading ecological alliance, and promote more trading opportunities.

    Security enhancement: Improve the platform security level to ISO 27001 standard and implement multi-factor authentication to enhance fund and account protection.
    User support improvements: Expand the global customer service team and implement an intelligent customer service system to shorten user waiting time.

  • Q2 2024

    Ecological Alliance Promotion: Introduce more blockchain projects, establish funding plans, launch blockchain data analysis platforms, and promote broader ecological participation.
    DeFi innovation: Launch more intelligent DeFi products, integrate the on-chain capital blockchain ecology, and increase the usage rate of DeFi products by 15%.

    Educational activities: Hold blockchain and cryptocurrency education activities, train more than 10,000 new users, and promote the popularization of blockchain knowledge.
    Blockchain analysis tools: Launched user-friendly blockchain analysis tools to help users gain a deeper understanding of their transaction data and increase active user usage by 20%.

  • Q3 2024

    Decentralized finance expansion: Launch more optimized DeFi financial products and increase the liquidity of decentralized products to US$50 million per day to meet diversified financial needs.
    Community participation: Hold global community activities to encourage users to participate in ecological construction and promote the stable operation of community governance ecology.

    Ecological alliance governance: Launch the ecological alliance governance model to enable community members to participate in decision-making and promote community autonomy.
    Security testing: Conduct security testing on decentralized exchanges to ensure stable operation of the platform, with a pass rate of 95%.

  • Q4 2024

    International promotion: Global exchange promotion activities, global user growth rate reaches 30%, expanding the global influence of the platform.
    New ecological alliance coins are launched: Launch at least 5 new ecological alliance coins to strengthen ecological diversity and promote healthier development of the ecosystem.

    Technical cooperation: Cooperate with other top blockchain projects to promote technological innovation, launch at least 2 technical cooperation projects, and accelerate ecological construction.
    User experience optimization: Combined with user feedback, continue to improve platform functions and performance to provide a better user experience.